Race Cancellation

The goal of the race organizers is to conduct the race as planned on the date advertised. However, sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas. If weather conditions are predicted to be unsafe for the runners AND volunteers and police staff, the Police or the Town may cancel our Race Assembly Permit.

Should there be a predicted weather event that might prevent us from safely holding the race on the normal Sunday date, we will cancel the event

Normally, the final call and decision will be made on or before Thursday noontime before the race. We will update the web site and send an email blast out to everyone on the race list. However should a surprise weather event occur, we reserve the right to cancel the race up to and including race time. 

Race cancellation decision process: The final authority on whether the race can be held is determined by the Race Assembly Permit which is issued by the Town of Hampton and the Hampton Police. This permit is obtained weeks or months in advance and signed off by the Town Select Board. “Acts of God” or severe weather conditions or forecasts may cause our Assembly permit to be cancelled and therefore the race must be cancelled.

The protocol for announcing race cancellation or postponement is as follows


Web Site and direct email

The home page of the web site will be updated the week before the event giving indications of any predicted weather and likelihood of cancellations. In case of cancellation an email will be sent out within 24-48 hours of the event, and the home page of the web site will be updated. Of course any decision will be posted immediately to the web site. It is your responsibility to check your email and/or web site before driving to the race.

It is the goal of the race organization to provide as much advance notice as possible regarding race cancellations or postponement. However, sometimes it is also prudent to wait until the last possible point in case the adverse weather changes.. We will update the web site to indicate when you can expect to see a final decision.

Refund Policy & Conditions:

If the race is cancelled due to bad weather or a terrorist problem the race insurance company is responsible for refunds. See imAthletes Commitment to Refund policy below.

  • Those who paid for the race in iamathlete will receive a full refund, less registration fee.
  • This refund comes directly back from iamathlete and there may be a certain time period for this process to be completed.

imATHLETE will provide a refund of your registration fee to you should the event be cancelled or postponed for one of the following reasons and not rescheduled within 90 days:

Adverse Weather – that is outside of what can be expected on a day to day basis, which occurs or is occurring in the period up to 72 hours prior to the Event and within 100 mile radius of the organized event location.  It does not mean the threat of Adverse Weather.

Natural Catastrophe – earthquake, tsunami, flood, volcanic eruption, hurricane, tornado, forest fire and/or any other extraordinary meteorological event causing widespread damage within 100 mile radius of the organized event location.  It does not mean the threat of a Natural Catastrophe.

Terrorism – this means an act or series of acts, including the use of force or violence, of any person or group(s) of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization(s), committed for political, religious or ideological purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public in fear for such purposes in the period up to 72 hours prior to the Insured Event(s) and within 100 mile radius of the organized event location.  It does not mean the threat of an act of Terrorism.

Please note that we will not provide any refund should a covered event be cancelled once it has started.  We will also not provide a refund if the event is rescheduled to take place within 90 days of the original commencement date of the event or if the covered Event also provides refunds for the same perils listed above.

Should the event be cancelled for any other reason than explicitly stated above, imATHLETE is unable to guarantee a refund of your registration fee. If such an occurrence takes place, you should consult the event organizer about their refund policy.