The Course




Certified: USATF: Accurate and certified.

Hampton Half Course –

The course for this year is the same as 2014 and 2015. The Start is now by C Street on Ocean Boulevard. This is only about 2 tenths of a mile from registration and near the finish. The nice part is – there are nice warm bathrooms open for your final visit at the main bathhouse. It still remains one of the flattest, if not THE flattest 1/2 marathon course in New England. The course starts at sea level and over the course of 6 or 7 miles climbs a total of 115 feet to its highest elevation. There is only one very gradual incline you may notice at mile 5.5 to 6. All the elevation that you gradually build up you get back over miles 7 to 9. The final miles are completely flat and by the ocean and in 70% of the time there is that predominent tail wind.

This year the course starts near the Ashworth and makes a small loop of the lettered streets and then heads north of Ocean Boulevard or Rt. 1A following the ocean. It takes the same left on High Street and heads inland toward Hampton. The course goes on rural roads from here till mile 10.5 where it comes back out onto Ocean Boulevard or Rt. 1A and heads south towards Hampton Beach.

Finally you come back to Hampton Beach to the finish at the Hampton Beach and the well deserved after-race party at Ashworth by the Sea.